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United by Chocolate

Welcome! This is the supporting site for Divided by Gender, United by Chocolate: Differences in the Boardroom, the new book by Chartered Psychologist Dr Fiona Beddoes-Jones.

Are you a Charismatic Explorer, a Relational Negotiator, a Transactional Director or a Transformational Builder?  Understanding the psychobiology of Leadership Temperament Types - how biology underpins our leadership and management styles - will make you a better leader, and will improve the effectiveness of your teams, your Board and your organisation.  It will also help you avoid those costly recruitment and promotion mistakes which are all too common.

Here you will be able to complete the questionnaires from the book which will identify your own leadership and management style.

Buy the book now, or complete the questionnaires.

Click here to download a free taster of the book which features chapters one, two plus background, introduction and contents.